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It is the customer's responsibility to read and understand the following terms and conditions before placing an order on this website ( or purchasing any of the services provided at this website (


Dywrecked Sounds is a Christian-based business offering the services mixing and mastering for song and video. Willing to work with any artist, projects and content as long as does not go against Christian Morale.


Please contact us before purchasing any services from this website. No refunds allowed.

Estimated time needed to complete service 3 - 8 days.

Dywrecked Sounds promise to protect and not share or leek project materials sent to company email without customer consent.

By processing an order with Dywrecked Sounds, you automatically agree to all of these terms listed. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them for you.

Uploading Material

Our client is responsible for providing a quality sound file before service can begin. Click Here to Upload your sound file(s). The client is responsible for the following:


- The quality of the recorded material.

- The quality of one and two track instrumentals.

- Correct preparation of any material sent for mastering.

- Arrangement and layout of vocals and instruments.

- Including all audio files needed for the service ordered.

- Ensuring the material has been prepared and sent correctly.

- Providing all notes and requests in detailed documentation.

- Ensuring all spelling for the song name, artist name and other credits is correct.

- Guaranteeing that contact information is provided and spelled correctly.

- Copyrights for any uploaded material.

- Ownership and rights of all uploaded material.

- Order number is included in upload.


If the material is not prepared or is not sent correctly - it will either not be accepted or the services will be rendered using the material provided they way it is received.

Payment & Refunds

Please contact us before purchasing any services from this website.

Payment is due in full once we agree to proceed with your service request.

If the customer begins a project with us and stops all communication - they have within 30 days of the project start date to resume or the work will be considered abandoned. 

We desire to keep our customers happy and satisfied with our work. If you are unsatisfied with your results we are willing to make any small changes and adjustments at no additional charge (Before Mastering). For bigger adjustments you will be able to use your Free Revision(s) made available to you. 

Unfortunately, we do not issue refunds once an order has been placed at us. However, clients may qualify to be issued credits for our services in the amount determined by us if a refund is requested. These credits have a time limit which is determined depending on the situation. As a customer, you are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing any service from us.

Revision & Storage

Each projects has 5 revisions, which can be used before the mastering process until 30 days after mixing and mastering is complete.  Any changes after this window will incur additional charges. 

30 days of storage time is allowed for each project/song, the material you’ve sent to us will be deleted from our systems on day 31. Once deletion is complete, revisions, radio edits, instrumental exports, performance exports, acapella exports and processed stem exports will no longer be an available option to purchase for the specific song. The song will need to be re-send and have the audio file mixed and (or) mastered again.

Sales and Discounts

Dywrecked Sounds offer sales and discounts for our services at times. These sales are only available for a limited time. When a service is ordered during the time of the sale, the customer must understands that the sale is final, meaning there will be no refunds or credit honored, even if the work has not yet been completed. The client also understands that there will be no set turnaround time for the order made during the sale. Rendering of orders made during a sale is done in first come first serve order. If rush delivery is available at the time of a sale, the discount will not be applied and a rush fee will be added. 

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