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What We Offer

Dywrecked Sounds is a Christian-based business offering the services mining and mastering for song and video. We offer 5-star service with integrity.

Willing to work with any artists as long as content does not go against Christian Morale.

 CLICK HERE to review our Terms and Conditions.

Our Services


  • Gaining 

  • EQ

  • Compress

  • Parallel Compress

  • Vocal Tuning (Bus,S??, Aux)

  • Time Align

  • Editing

  • Automation

  • EFX

Price Starting at $35 - varies according to stem size


  • EQ

  • Compress

  • limiting

  • Widening

  •  Will master for streaming purposes

  • Target loudness of 14 LUFS with -1DBTP

$35 additional charge for 5 stems and more

Audio for Video

  • Mixing Services 

  • Mastering Services

Pricing begins at $50 for audio up to 30 minutes​

Includes all the services included with basic mixing and mastering. 


per song up to 4 Stems​​

Mixing and Mastering included

5 Revisions

Get Started Today


per song  5-15 Stems​​

Mixing Only

5 Revisions

$95 with Mastering


per song  16-30 Stems​​

Mixing Only

5 Revisions

$125 with Mastering


$50 - $150

Audio for Video up to 90 mins

Mixing & Mastering Included

5 Revisions

 Price range begins at $50 for up 30 minutes of audio

Just wanted to say that this is awesome. Keep up the good work for his glory 🙏🏾

Joffrey Abraham


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